Protecting the data fabric of Web3 and AI

Stay tuned for updates on our Mainnet Launch


Taekion was seed funded by innovation capital from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DoD), and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to protect mission-critical data and critical infrastructure.

Taekion is a blockchain-based private network with end-to-end, patented, data protection in the Era of Web3 and AI. Our public network when launched will support dynamic consensus, ultra-fast speed, security, and low cost transactions.

Taekion was built by an experienced team with track records in building, scaling, and commercializing innovative enterprise software ventures including: Internet Protocols, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Systems, and Blockchain/DLT Systems. Team members have been involved in multiple Layer 1 network launches.

While we are planning a Mainnet Launch with associated tokens, we don’t have an exact date at this moment.  We are in the process of capitalization, legal compliance, and technical upgrades currently.  Stay tuned for updates and check out  our socials (Twitter and LinkedIn) for more information. 

Our roadmap includes critical data protection, web3 digital asset data protection as core services.  Other services will include but not be limited to Web3 gaming, digital assets, supply chain, DeFi, and AI deep fake protection services.  

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