Immutable, tamper-proof data on lock.

An immutable file system with real-time notifications of any changes, full protection from creation, usage, and backup.


Simply smart
data integrity

Data is at the core of critical operations. Yet, too often, organizations don’t know when it’s been compromised. Our mission is to protect your mission with foundational protection for lasting data integrity. 

Taekion File Systemintegrates seamlessly into common server infrastructure, operations systems, and networks. With Taekion, data is safe, tamper-resistant and verifiable over the system’s entire life cycle.


Locked-down from source to destination.

Listen, stop driving data to the vault in a convertible. Start using an armored van. Taekion™ lovingly protects data from infancy.

While alternates only protect data once stored, Taekion protects data from first contact through transit then locks it down for the long-term.  

With Taekion TFS™, data is protected before it’s compromised. On upload data is recorded for all permissions, metadata and updates, then it’s encrypted. A snapshot logs an exact record of the starting state for cyber forensics and audit capability. All updates going forward are compared against the original, covertly without any user interaction.

A digital black box.

Taekion products create a novel, next generation blockchain for securing high value encrypted data in its entirety, tamper-resistant file storage: only storing data that has been confirmed through a mathematically provable consensus; immutability of the entire file and its meta data for compliance; as well as the ability to conduct digital black box forensics after cybersecurity attacks.

Taekion File System™

Powered by blockchain storage, TFS™ is a secure UNIX-style distributed file system that’s impenetrable with built-in compression, encryption, deduplication, and our patent pending hash chained write ahead journal. Once accepted into the journal immediately after creation, the data is asynchronously stored and safe from network disruptions, even before it has been validated mathematically into the blockchain. For users, TFS™ is quickly and efficiently mountable as a standard file system volume.

Sextant™ for TFS

Developed in partnership with BTP, Sextant™ for TFS™ is our management and operations platform that simplifies the deployment and administration of a production ready Taekion File System, including the ongoing management and maintenance of its underlying blockchain network utilising BTP Paralos, an enterprise-grade open source distribution of Hyperledger Sawtooth.


Data Deep Dive

Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP)and Taekion, today announced a Beta Testing program for Sextant for TFS™ providing users with military-grade information security

We are offering Beta testing of the initial feature of the TFS product and will be adding many additional features including aBFT Consensus over the next few years when the product is ready for Version 1.0.  TFS is a highly secure file system that combines the operational patterns of a file system with the advantages

Press Release

Blockchain Technology Partners and Taekion partner to deliver Sextant for TFS providing users with military-grade information security

BTP Sextant extended to support the deployment and management of the highly secure blockchain-based Taekion File System (TFS) on Hyperledger Sawtooth. Beta Version is being offered to test initial features in development.  Edinburgh, Scotland — January 28, 2021 — Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP), a leading enterprise blockchain company, and Taekion, a U.S.-based cybersecurity company, today announced Sextant for TFSproviding users with military-grade information

Press Release

Taekion and Blockchain Technology Partners Author Series on Strengthening Cybersecurity in 2021 with a Blockchain

Taekion in conjunction with its partner Blockchain Technology Partners has authored the first of a series on using Blockchain for Cybersecurity for the Global Blockchain Business Council. The series will concentrate of unique use cases that a blockchain can be used in order to strengthen data security in the age of ever increasing cyber attacks.